Advertising strategy

Advertising is potentially a powerful instrument of your site’s Conversions growth. It has to be focused down to your Goals and follow the overall website marketing strategy. I concentrate on aligning Ads strategy with the client’s brand and business goals.

Conversion optimization

I develop guidance on how to improve conversion rate within a specific funnel and how to update the existing funnel in order to prevent its defragmentation. I do extensive Analytics and Adwords research to identify undervalued but high performing properties (if any) and further augment their input. 

I tend to guide my clients on the options to dramatically increase conversion, like switching to a new Ads form, as well as use overlooked settings and features. 

Drill-down into your conversions.

I often answer questions of the form "How do signup conversions change based on the number of case studies a user downloads?", or "How often are new users upgrading to paid plans compared to new users last week?"

I help clients segment funnels by user-level properties such as segment date, location, referrer, and UTM parameters. Read on to Funnels operation questions that I daily deal with.

Read more on my conversion optimization experience in Accommodirect client’s story

Landing page optimization

Optimizing a page for conversion is rooted in exploring user experience on that page, i.e. what content has been ‘disrupting’ the conversion funnel. Down the road I explore the site overall navigation & conversion paths to find discrepancies between your goals and the way your visitor behave on your site. I also make a research into your Competitors landing page experience.

As a result I usually give an updated template of your landing page, Dos and Donts as well as recommendations on events tracking on-page to augment your insights. Read more on Landing page optimization in my Global Finance School case study.

Research and consulting

I do reviews of clients Adwords performance with a view to identify opportunities, track campaigns performance and test marketing data. I also consult on Ads Copy, Keywords selection, Bidding strategies, advanced options and Remarketing. I suggest on ways to integrate Adwords and Bing / Facebook campaigns into a single Advertising Strategy.  

Advertising campaign management

I organize and manage mid-to-large budget campaigns. I report performance dynamics and suggest changes to be made on the account. I currently manage Nigerian Bulletin and Accommodirect campaign. Also, I advise on management of Cincopa ads campaign.