I advise on Data capturing, Integration and explore data to answer business questions that actually matter.

Selected clients: Forex news by FXCM, the biggest US. retail foreign-exchange broker. 
Australian start-up for connecting with and reviewing local lawyers.
Global Finance School - Client 
Online finance education resource offering eBooks and online courses.
Cincopa is a multimedia content hosting service launched in 2006.
Accommodirect is a service for booking and reviewing hotels in Africa.

User data

How to define and analyze user segments? I provide clients with in-depth segment insights. For example, define "High-value Customers" as users who've made at least 5 purchases. Or define "Active Users" as users who've logged in at least 2 times and uploaded a profile image. Once you've defined a segment, you can use it to segment your funnels or graphs and better understand how they differ from the rest of your users.

User-level activity streams. I often answer questions on how to search for any user and observe every action they've ever done. Or how to identify a high-value lead and better tailor your sales pitch, or just explore the unexpected paths people take within your app. 

Data capture

Capture everything on web and iOS. I advise how to capture every user interaction: clicks, touches, gestures, form submissions, and page views. 
Track custom events. I create custom events with any number of arbitrary properties on which you can later slice n' dice. And you can understand your users in-depth once I assigned them custom properties that persist across sessions. 

Funnels operation

Pinpoint where users drop off. Funnels let you see exactly where users drop off in a multi-step process. How many people hit your home page and end up converting to paid customers? Which step of your registration flow is causing you to lose users?

Create highly-targeted funnels. Setting up funnels is easy, and you can filter a funnel to an exact slice of your users’ base. For example, you can understand the nature of your conversion rate for your users in China, for anyone who has viewed your Demo video, or for users who signed up and discovered you via Techcrunch.

Drill-down into your conversions

I often answer questions of the form "How do signup conversions change based on the number of case studies a user downloads?", or "How often are new users upgrading to paid plans compared to new users last week?" 

Funnels can also be segmented by user-level properties such as segment date, location, referrer, and UTM parameters.

Understand Retention

Visualize how often people come back. Suppose someone just signed up in your app. But will they come back tomorrow? How about a week, a month, or a year from now? Retention reports let you answer these questions and more. You can learn what factors influence churn, engagement, and time to activation.

With retention, you can answer questions like "After users install our mobile game, how often do they come back and start a new game?" You can split your users into cohorts based on when they complete an action (in this case, the "Install App" event). This lets you visualize how engagement changes over time.

Measure retention across segments. You can also see how retention changes for different user types. Are you better retaining users from a certain country or referral source? I help marketing teams determine which ad campaigns lead to the most loyal users. Product managers can measure how retention changes across mobile and web form factors.


Event trends analysis. Plot changes in key metrics over time and adjust the range, granularity and visualization type as needed. Hone down your graphs to answer questions like "How many unique visitors are sharing photos daily?" or "How many Likes do my Canadian users contribute each week?" 

Advanced segmentation. Lets you understand how usage patterns vary across different user segments. Figure out how many messages users send on each visit, which countries drive the most in-app purchases, or which source of traffic generates the most-engaged users over time.