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How to do Keyword Research for a Rebranding

posted Feb 11, 2015, 12:39 PM by Bogdan Lytvyn   [ updated Feb 11, 2015, 12:53 PM ]

I begin this case study with my recent client – who sells gamer inspired outfits. He has got some reputation concerns with his current domain and does want to check the possible option for switching to a brand new one. Here I want to show my approach to making a keyword research for rebranding purposes specifically.


  1. Essentially, rebranding is connected with reputation-concerns raised by the old domain. 
  2. New domain shall be related to the main theme. i.e. game-inspired apparel.
  3. Domain shall help organic ranking of the existing content.



  1. Focus on two major product categories: Hoodies and Jackets.
  2. Clothing is men-only, comfortable, yet, game-related AND cool.


In all cases except for ASSASSIN CREED, a domain name shall enhance the client's general theme, not help to sell a specific kind of clothes since the client obviously does not have lots of products on a potential keyword. 

Semantic kernel:

  1. Geek.
  2. Nerd.
  3. Game.
  4. Assassin Creed.
  5. Desmond Miles.


Quite surprisingly, ‘all things geek’ group of keywords is most popular of all above. ‘Geek+shop+clothing’ is potentially a quite powerful combination which yields 15,000 direct entry monthly searches alone (according to Google Keyword Planner). A potential cumulative effect of ‘geek’ is substantial, involving lots of long tail searches AND allowing for easy extension into nerd and game-related semantic fields. More specifically, ‘Nerd’ kernel can lawfully be labeled a subset of ‘Geek’ semantic kernel.


Domain ideas:


If ‘geek’ is adopted as the Primary keyword, the following are Auxiliary keywords:

  1. Nerd
  2. Game

Subject keywords are:

  1. Clothing
  2. Outfits
  3. Style
  4. Hoodie


All things Game is not popular group of keywords if you are a Clothing website, at least according to Google Keyword Planner. The only relatively popular group of keywords here is ‘gaming t shirts’ (2400 monthly searches). ‘Gaming clothes’ search term, for example, is reported to have 720 monthly searches only. By contrast, geek shirts have 3200 direct entry monthly searches. Therefore, Game-related semantic kernel is, arguably, best approached as a subset of the Geek kernel.

Importantly, the client would not want to compete with sites like Zazzle and the like ones. They just put different words on the same apparel, so they can put up astronomical number of products and are virtually unbeatable in organic search.

Domain ideas:



‘Assassins+Creed+Hoodie’ combination yields 35,000 monthly searches alone, which is very lucrative. Yet, a potential cumulative effect of is moderate. ‘Desmond’ kernel is obviously a subset of ‘Assassins Creed’ semantic kernel.

Overall, the client is perfectly set to use this keyword combination for domain name – he already has content and incoming links to that effect. Still, the problem might be how he is going to expand this theme, for example, when marketing product related to a different game.

Domain ideas:

If ASSASSIN CREED adopted as the Primary keyword, the following are Auxiliary keywords:

  1. Game
  2. Desmond

Subject keywords are:

  1. Hoodie
  2. Jacket
  3. Polo
  4. Outfit