Content marketing

Arguably, Content strategy is the most important part of a client’s online marketing strategy.

Value proposition

Content marketing starts with what you do. Arguably, something that you do better than others and that has a unique value. That’s your value proposition. And it has to be reflected through your content. 

You can have several elements of your Value proposition, each tailored down to a specific user segment. For example, see how elements of value proposition attributed to each user segment – Webfamiliz case study. 


This is how you want your value proposition to be delivered to a potential user. I suggest that you planned your Content Marketing Campaign for mobile applications right away.


You don’t really want a user to Read up only

I help my clients to create a sequence of steps that lead to a certain meaningful action, i.e. sign up, purchase or social share, etc. It’s called Conversion Funnel. Most often, you need several Conversion funnels within, i.e. one for each user segment. The funnel has to be simple and short to prevent excessive number of drop-off. The largest risk of Conversion funnel in Content marketing is optimizing too local, i.e. for a specific element of a funnel only. 

A perfect landing page for content marketing 

What is a perfect page to convert a user through content marketing? When advising on a perfect landing page I often suggesting ensuring: 
  1. Proper titles 
  2. Relevant description (slogan) 
  3. Empowering general pitch (video) 
  4. Easy navigation to granular features 
  5. Visible Plans/ Pricing or other Conversion events

Content Tactics 

All things mentioned above refer to Content Strategy mostly. But the tangible part of Content Marketing is Content tactics, i.e. what you write and your editorial calendar. I suggest different tactics on content production, staff you with really professional content writers, create and manage editorial calendar. For example, one of the tactics that I devised for is Creative newsroom. 

A creative newsroom is a content tactics that produces a load of time-sensitive, brand relevant content. Watch for trends / the calendar and identify the most trending content. 

The challenge is content ownership and frequency. If you don’t own the content, you can only modify the original one - either through partition: divide a news story into several news pieces (increase number) or through adjunction: add up a piece of the story to another one and produce whole distinct piece of news (increase in originality / quality). 

Also, you have to watch closely your best content producers and create your news TIMELY, i.e. right after the original piece was issued. So, for time sensitive content the idea is you may fall behind your competitors in number of stories, but you can’t do that in terms of frequency / timeliness.

Competitor content metrics

How much content do I need? I answer this question almost every day. What I do is competitor content evaluation to suggest the most cost effective strategy and editorial schedule. Also, you would want to understand a share of each single theme within your Social content mix. 

Stay focused. SEO-wise, writing multiple articles on unrelated themes (like you may do on Facebook) will not benefit your ranking position either, at least in the near future. Generally, in order to gain a decent ranking with Google you have to produce numerous articles on each single theme. 

I often suggest clients that to maximize the efficiency they need to stay focused on 3-5 major themes – at least, for the beginning.

User data

Developing engagement. Engagement means interaction with your page. I advise how to create a curiosity gap with a reader, which increases ClickThrough Rate (CTR) on your pages. Additionally, I advise how to increase the Virality of engagement content in Social Networks and ways how to combine Engagement, Goodwill and Call to action content on a single Content strategy.

“For example, suppose you are addressing the search term of ‘gangster hoodies’. Then, the Clickbait header may look like: ‘The 5 Craziest Things Geraldo Rivera Said about Gangster Hoodies’. And, importantly, you have to deliver on curiosity you create. Don’t know who is Geraldo Rivera? Probably, you don’t belong within a targeted user segment:) ”

Concert with established searches. I advise how to concert with popular topics and established search terms. And how to re-invent the narrative. In other words, if you take established search query -- what’s your spin on every story? What value do you bring to a user?