Nigerian News Website

The client is a new & stories trending website and the Social community. It is one of the largest Africa news websites that has about 3 million visitors monthly. The website also draws on the massive 350k Facebook community. 

Industry: News.
Uses services:


Organic traffic drop research and guidance
Competitor research

Online marketing 

User experience research
Product Development guidance
Landing page Research and Development 
Analytics data consolidation and research
Competitive strategies research
Marketing strategy development and optimization

Research and consulting

Content marketing

Content strategy development
Social Media content guidance

Problems with Google Analytics

Guys used Google Analytics but did not actually track goals except for Sign up. Also, they were not able to trackall events with enough granularity. They often missed actions that they didn’t think to track upfront.

I have set up automatic events tracking – every click, pageview, form submission, and more – as we ll as established  performance goals. I also created User Segments based on analysis of their user experience. In addition to that I have crafted custom reports to daily track and analyze the users engagement with the site.   

Investigating Organic Traffic Decrease

My clients have experienced a steady decrease in Organic traffic and even have suspected the algorithmic penalty by Google. After spending some time on Google Analytics 'fix up' I was able to get a detailed, granular metrics on Organic traffic pattern. 

It allowed me take a closer look on search queries ranking and for how long the rankings persisted. Notably, the site has been ranked against a large portion of time-sensitive and often inconsistent keywords whose SE ranking decayed very swiftly. 
    " This led me to believe that the site needs a coherent Content Marketing strategy in order to get back a control over the Organic Traffic

Updating the Content strategy

I have suggested a Content strategy based on the idea of production of a load of time-sensitive, user relevant content and pushing the said content into social channels. It boils down to watching for trends, identifying the most “viral” content and even promoting it further with paid placements (Google Adwords and Facebook Promoted Posts). 

This is how through analysis of Competitors and Content management factors there appeared an idea of News Trending website and Community. I have understood that people want a real time content. And when someone else is producing real-time content on a 'hot' topic they just have to spin it on site and share via Social Media.

Local optimization trap

I have found that guys have been optimizing the website too locally, i.e. optimizing a specific part of the marketing funnel only. Likewise, they just wanted to increase the number of visitors from Google. I found that the problem was that they DONT REALLY want users to make a visit only. What they wanted them to do is Sign up, participate in the discussion on site, then tell others how great the website was, and then eventually follow it on Facebook as well (and along the way generate more and more positive feelings toward the brand). 

So, I understood that metrics-wise the main focus shall be moved from Sessions to Discussion & Facebook likes, which shall be counted as Conversion. So, the idea of redesign appeared from overcoming Local Optimization trap as well as appropriating a new Content strategy.

The Redesign

Based on these results, I have decided to put an emphasis on trending stories concept as well as users active engagement in the 'trending' process. So, I suggested redesign that would visualize the how news become trending stories. And what's really hot now. It enabled comfortable browsing more pages per session as well as sharing / commenting the stories in way that give them a new spin.    
These changes ensured that users didn't abandon the flow as often.

The result: a 25% increase in overall conversion rate, and hundreds of hours of engineering time saved. Click the image below to enlarge it.



• Generate more Search Traffic 
• Increase conversions at a low cost/conversion
• Be more time-efficient at managing your AdWords campaigns

What’s counted as a Goal Conversion?

• Sharing posts through Facebook account
• Following Social Network Account(s) 
• Download the Mobile App.


• Generate Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) based on the site’s dynamically changing content
• Implement remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to re-engage users and prompt them to download the App

A two-pronged strategy

I suggested turning to AdWords’ Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to extend the site’s advertising reach.
Dynamic Search Ads works by automatically generating ads based on website content. Coming from the site’s content strategy, this meant that whenever users searched for relevant news on, they could see ads with a headline based on their search terms and text tied to the site’s most relevant landing page. 

Keeping the site top of mind

I also suggested that the client used remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to amplify the effect of DSAs, more specifically, make already ‘Socialized’ users download the site’s mobile application. RLSA allowed showing relevant ads on to users that had previously visited the site and engaged in Social Actions but have not installed the App.