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Cincopa is a multimedia content hosting service.


Accommodations booking web app


Hotels booking & review web application.

Case studies

Start-up lawyer directory and review app: customer acquisition plan

A start-up lawyer directory and review service. The client positioned a site as a ‘place where Aussies go when they need a legal advice’.

Start-up lawyer directory and review app

New & stories trending website: customer acquisition plan

The client – news website – has experienced disproportional growth across different channels. Facebook has once been unlocked as a traction channel. And it gave a very powerful momentum ending up in a conversion channel for more than 90% of site’s visitors. 

Yet, the Facebook traction has been slowing down...

News website

Social list app: customer acquisition plan

The client – Internet Startup Company – has contracted me to explore a feasibility of organic search optimization as a way to promote a to-do list application. 

SEO Audit and Recommendations

Private family social network: customer acquisition plan

Private family social network. Affiliate marketing website

Other stories

SEO audit
SEO audit & recommendations
SEO Audit and Recommendations

This is a sample of SEO audit & recommendations report made to diagnose and cure low traffic / low marketing effectiveness

Online Marketing
How to gain backlinks?

Accommodirect.com Content marketing & backlinks strategy
Competitor Backlinks review

safarinow.com backlinks review

Africa's 3rd party accommodation booking provider (the project is ongoing)


  • 301 (permanent) redirects to site's 20,000 pages done poorly 
  • Traffic fell 10 times due to possible algo penalty 
  • Low backlinks profile


Over a period of 1 month I have delivered - see what a client says: 

  1. Only 1000 pages now still on the old site. 
  2. We have made good progress! I also saw that today our daily traffic reached 1095 - a new record for us :) 
  3. This is really a great thing. Start working on that.

SEM / PPC: Traffic & Conversion optimization
Landing page experience

Conversion Optimization

A Global Online Education Provider (the project is ongoing)


  • Large bots traffic 
  • High cost / low quality of inbound traffic 
  • Poor Adsense performance 
  • Low e-Commerce conversion rate


Over a period of the first 2 month I have delivered: 

  1. botish behavior excluded, 
  2. traffic spending reduced 850%, 
  3. AdSense CTR: +14.58%. 
  4. e-Commerce conversion rate: +48.50% 

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Google Analytics: Data visualization and analysis
Consumer insights

Data visulization

An European Apparel Chain


  • No trust in data 
  • No data visualization 
  • No in-depth data on customer behaviour


  • New and logical site and profile taxonomy 
  • 3 year reports data presented in the form of infographics 
  • Valuable findings on online shoppers behaviour

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