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Data visualization


European women apparel chain owning 14 shops in Belgium and providing online shopping to customers from France, Belgium, UK, Netherlands and other.  

  • No trust in data: Multiple owners and lack of a framework resulted in a situation where they did not trust their reported data, and didn’t have a framework for managing web analytics International teams and alignment: 7 geographically-diverse web properties. 
  • No centralized reporting: MerDuNord needed to bring data from all 7 sites into a single view, allowing for quick cross-country analysis.
  • No data visualization: Merdunord management could not easily see the areas for improvement.
  • No in-depth data on customers behavior: Merdunord did not know how the online customers behavior is different from the street shoppers.  
  • Define a new Data Dictionary for all site metrics
  • Create data visualizations for all levels of the organization
  • Provide a set of handy dashboards and custom reports
  • Analyze the online customers behavior pattern and isolate specific customer types 
  • Connect the data with insights and results

  • New and logical site and profile taxonomy provided clarity around data organization, enabled trust in data to grow, and allowed for scalable growth
  • 3 year reports data presented in the form of infographics
  • Easy everyday reporting through using only relevant data on dashboard 
  • The marketing team has valuable findings on online shoppers behavior

See below a preview (excerpt) from the original data visualization report
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MerduNord data vizualization preview