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News website

The client – news website – has experienced disproportional growth across different channels. Facebook has once been unlocked as a traction channel. And it gave a very powerful momentum ending up in a conversion channel for more than 90% of site’s visitors. 

Yet, the Facebook traction has been slowing down. And the hypothesis was website needed to uncover additional channel to test a complimentary / alternative user acquisition strategy. 


The background 

Hypothesis: Facebook users have proved to be the most loyal and effective; therefore, we shall convert users from other channels (search) into a Facebook / mobile app users to fuel yp the top-performing funnel further more.     

Customer acquisition strategy: gain customers through paid search. 


  • Generate more Search Traffic 
  • Increase conversions at a low cost/conversion 

What’s counted as a Goal Conversion?

  • Sharing posts through Facebook account
  • Following Social Network Account(s) 
  • Download the Mobile App. 

So what’s the Conversion tactics? 

My Approach
  • Generate Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) based on the site’s dynamically changing content
  • Implement remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to re-engage users and prompt them to download the App 

A two-pronged tactics 

I suggested turning to AdWords’ DynamicSearch Ads (DSA) and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to extend the site’s advertising reach. 

Dynamic Search Ads works by automatically generating ads based on website content. Coming from the site’s content strategy, this meant that whenever users searched for relevant news on Google.com, they could see ads with a headline based on their search terms and text tied to the site’s most relevant landing page.  

Keeping the site top of mind 

I also suggested that the site used remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to amplify the effect of DSAs, more specifically, to make already Converted users download the site’s mobile application. 

RLSA allowed showing relevant ads on Google.com to users that had previously visited the site and engaged in Social Actions but have not installed the App.